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HPAC Staff


Amber Nicholson

Assistant Director, Health Professions Advising Center
Advisor for Health Professions
Rivera Library, B3

Charles Scruggs

Director, Health Professions Advising Center
Oversees the Health Professions Advising Center
Rivera Library, B3
Graduate Student Staff
Student Staff
HPAC Ambassadors:

Successful 3rd and 4th-year pre-health students who are enthusiastic about sharing their experiences with you! The HPAC ambassador cohort represents a wide range of health professions and is highly involved in campus organizations, community programs, and research.  They provide guidance, support, and encouragement to help others become well-rounded students and competitive applicants. Ambassadors are available on a 'drop-in' basis throughout the week.  If you have questions about health profession requirements, selecting major, on-campus organizations, clinical experiences, research, etc. "drop-in" to speak with an HPAC Ambassador (schedule below). 

Fall 2020 Ask An Ambassador

Zoom drop-ins are available for Health Professions Peer Ambassadors!! Click on the ambassador's name below to enter their virtual chat!

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1-2pm N/A Samantha Perez Samantha Perez Nick Alegre Jessalyn Yam
2-3pm Samuel Higuera Sommer Rowell Claudia Hanna  Nick Alegre Jessalyn Yam

Samuel Higuera

Sommer Rowell Audrey Lee Henna Bhakta Verena Awadallah


Marina Joseph Claudia Hanna Audrey Lee Henna Bhakta Verena Awadallah
5-6pm Daniel Woo Caitlin Tong Marina Joseph  N/A Gabriella Moussa
6-7pm Daniel Woo Caitlin Tong Jennifer Zhou N/A Abi Mukundan
7-8pm Anthony Bishay Gabriella Moussa Jennifer Zhou Anthony Bishay Abi Mukundan


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