Poster Presenters Resources






Poster Resources

Resources to help student scholars with their in-person poster presentations.

  • Attire

    The Symposium is a professional event all presenters are asked to dress in business casual attire. Men should wear a button-down shirt, collared shirt, or polo shirt, tie/blazer are optional; women should wear a nice blouse, and a blazer is optional. If you do not have professional attire, you can reach out to the Career Center to access their R'Closet for professional clothing options for students.

  • Arrival and Poster Set-Up

    11:00 AM Presenters: Plan to have your poster hung between 9:30 & 10:30 AM. Then be at your poster 5-10 minutes before your presentation time.

    12:30 PM Presenters: Plan to have your poster hung between 12:00 & 12:15 PM*. Then be at your poster 5-10 minutes before your presentation time.

    *If you cannot come to hang your poster during the designated time, you can drop off your poster at 9:30 and a staff member will hang your poster.

  • Poster Printing Options
    1. Digital Print Services - UCR Campus Business Services

    Large Format Posters, Signs & Banners | UCR Campus Business Services
    Lead time: approx. 3 days
    Price: Estimated $81.12 for 48 in. x 48 in. (satin finish photo paper)

    • Payment method: credit card
    • Addl. $8.50 for a tube
    • Order form

    Pickup: Auxiliary Design Services (Bannockburn Village H101, Monday-Friday from 10AM to 4PM)
    Contact info: Mindy Moore, Marketing Coordinator: (951) 827-4792

    2. Poster Printing Services - Orbach Library (1st floor, Room 121)
    Poster Printing Plotter Policies
    Lead time: Depends on appointment time.

    Price: $20 for 42 in. x up to 48 in. (& 0.25 in. border on each side)

    Contact info: Margarita Yonezawa, RS Dept. Assistant: (951) 827-6423

    3. Design & Print Custom Posters Online | FedEx Office
    Lead time: 1-2 days

    • If shipping, usually under 1 week

    Price: Around $75 for 36 in. x 48 in. (~$69 plus tax)

    • Shipping seems to cost a minimum of $10

    Pickup Locations within 10 mi of UCR:

    • 6095 Magnolia Ave: (951) 682-4200
    • 2694 Canyon Springs Pkwy: (951) 413-1852
    • 1440 South E St (San Bernardino): (909) 381-6282
    • 10051 Magnolia Ave: (951) 687-1023
  • UCR PowerPoint Templates

    You are encouraged to use UCR Branded Assets when creating your poster. You can access UCR logos and ppt templates at

  • Poster Guidelines

    Poster size must be on 3' or 4' (height) by 4' (width) poster paper. No posters should be larger than 4' x 4'.

    Poster elements:

    • Title: Place your title at the top of the poster and make sure that the text is at least 2 inches in height.
    • Collaborators: presenter name & major, faculty mentor & department, other collaborators & institutional affiliations
    • Introduction/Background
      • What is the problem/topic and why is it important?
    • Design & Methods
    • Results/Discussion
    • Conclusions & Implications
    • References
    • Acknowledgments
    • Contact information/QR Code


    • Do not use more than two fonts; instead add depth with bold, italic, or different font sizes.
    • Suggested typefaces: Times New Roman, Arial, and Garamond.
    • The body type for the main sections should be at least 18 points and should be large enough to read from three feet away. Edit, review, and spell-check all the elements of your poster display.
    • Incorporate appropriate graphics in your poster. Label or describe any charts, tables, figures, graphs, or photos that you use and make sure all edges line up evenly.
    • Use a color scheme that is easy to view and is consistent with your white space between sections of text, figures, and headings.
    • It is best to prepare and practice a five-minute summary speech about your project This is an excellent networking opportunity, so it is important to interact professionally and be willing to answer questions.