The Office of Center for Undergraduate Research and Engaged Learning, as part of Undergraduate Education, oversees a series of special initiatives. Special initiatives currently in development include:

  • First-Generation
    The Highlander First-Generation Project is designed to help increase awareness of first-generation issues and experiences, reduce roadblocks, increase campus collaborative support efforts, and encourage student resource utilization.
    • First-Generation Living and Learning Community 
  • AskUCR!
    • was designed to be a student resource hub, providing guidance to where answers were located across the institution. The site features the ScottyBot chatbot, a Library-hosted ‘Ask a Student’ live chat, referrals to online learning support resources, a widget of important campus deadlines, video tutorials, and resource introductions, and links to major campus student supports and engagement opportunities. 
  • Student Success Coaching and Outreach
    • UCR, We're Here for You - Calling Campaign. During the coronavirus pandemic, Center for Undergraduate Research and Engaged Learning coordinated an outreach program to call students to check on well-being, gather feedback, and provide a human connection with someone from UCR.
    • Campus Collective - Peer Mentoring for incoming freshmen and transfer students. 
  • ScottyBot - UCR ChatBot for Student Success Resources
    • The ScottyBot will provide students with an easy to have any UCR questions answered, and is accessible via the web and by text. The chatbot will answer commonly-asked questions for popular offices such as Registrar, Financial Aid, Student Business Services, Residential Life, and Summer Sessions. The goal is to provide real-time support 24/7/365.
  • Leadership and Career Readiness Initiative
    • Development of a career readiness pathway project in collaboration with various campus leadership programming partners. Donor funded, this initiative is designed to help get UCR students developing greater career-ready leadership skills and to help identify pathways for tracking and articulating that skill development.
  • Leadership Pathway Program
    The Leadership Pathway Program is a two-year cohort model designed to engage students in leadership skill development and experiential education. The program includes four critical courses focused on seminars, workshops, readings, self-discovery inventories, and reflective writing to develop leadership skills.