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                                                                                                            2024 Undergraduate Research Journal



The University of California Riverside Undergraduate Research Journal provides a student-edited multi-disciplinary journal that features the very best faculty-mentored undergraduate research and scholarship accomplished on our campus. This peer-review process is managed by the Student Editorial Board (SEB) with guidance from the Faculty Advisory Board (FAB), and logistical support from the Center for Undergraduate Research and Engaged Learning team. The Journal is sponsored by the Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education.

Prior to submission, students should review all Journal Requirements including paper requirements, guidelines, and other submission information.

Publishing workshops are provided to clarify expectations for successful article submission:

  • Students interested in submitting articles to the Journal are highly encouraged to read through the Author Workshop presentation
  • Those students who are unable to attend should carefully review the Journal Formatting Guidelines (below).
  • The workshops will be presented by a member of the Student Editorial Board who outline the expectations, will provide clarification, and answer specific questions about preparing an article for submission.



Article Submission:

Fall: Oct. 13, 2023 at 5pm

Winter: Jan. 8, 2024 at 5pm 

Spring: April 5, 2024 at 5pm

Submit Article Here

Cover Art Submission:

April 20, 2024 at 5pm

Student Editorial Board Applications:

Now accepting applications for the 2024-2025 academic year! Applications are due by 11:59pm on Friday, April 19.

Apply Here

Submissions for Articles and Cover Design Art

Submissions will be accepted throughout the academic year, however finalized selection of articles will be determined after the April 1 deadline for the annual spring publication.

Submitting an Article
  • Article Submission Requirements

    Articles submitted to the Journal must be original work written by currently enrolled undergraduate students at UCR, who are involved in faculty-mentored research, scholarship, and/or creative activity.

    All articles must be approved by the student researcher's faculty mentor(s) for submission to be complete. Once the student has submitted the article online, each faculty mentor will receive notification via email.  The faculty mentor will then have the option to approve, hold the article for edits, or not approve.  It is highly recommended that students acquire verbal approval from their mentor(s) before they submit online. The student will be notified of the mentor's action and is responsible for following up with the mentor if the article was not approved.  Only those submissions approved by faculty mentors will move forward to the editorial evaluation process. If appropriate, research must have approval from institutional oversight boards or committees. 

    The UCR Undergraduate Research Journal is considered a campus journal.  The Journal is housed in the Rivera Library Special Collections and can be found in the UCR Library.  The submission of a paper to the Journal does not exclude the possibility of submitting similar work to an external journal unless the external journal's submission or publication restrictions prohibit it.  Students who are published in the Undergraduate Research Journal may also submit their work for publication in other journals. 

    You are encouraged to review articles previously submitted and accepted. You can view the most recent Journal to see examples.

  • Journal Formatting Requirements
    • Margins must be 1-inch on all sides.
    • Abstract must be single-spaced.
    • Article text must be double-spaced.
    • All pages must be numbered.  Place page number in the center of the page at the bottom.
    • References:  Follow the citation styles of your discipline. Some examples are MLA, APA, CSE, ACS, etc. Please work with your faculty mentors to determine which should be used.
    • Articles must be submitted as a Word document (.dox or .docx format).
    • The final page of your article should include your faculty mentor's bio. Please consult with your faculty to ensure that you are included the most updated bio.
    • Name your file as "Submission Number - (XXXXX) - First Submission" - upon submission your article will be assigned a Submission Number, please use that number for future revised submissions.
    • Document size cannot exceed 5MB.
    • Maximum length of the article cannot exceed 15 pages, 12-point Times New Roman, including all figures, tables, graphs, footnotes, and references. It does not include the abstract and author information.
    • Journal Template
  • Recommended Structure of Submitted Paper
  • Criteria to be used to review articles
    • Abstract
      • Is the research question clearly articulated?
      • Is the research approach clearly defined?
      • Does it make clear the results/relevance of this research?
    • Article Body
      • Well-defined position and motivation for research.
      • Logical, step-wise method and methodology.
      • Clarity of conclusions.
      • Significance of results.
      • Direction of study and broader implication of research.
    • Style Points
      • Grammar and spelling.
      • Proper formatting and labeling of figures and graphs.
      • Clarity of article presentation.
      • Appropriate use of citations/references.
  • Biography Requirements for Authors
    • All students submitting articles for consideration will also need to provide a brief biography. The biography should be no more than 80 words. It should be written in third person, present tense and include the following:
      • Name
      • Year of Study
      • Major
      • Research and research mentor
      • Awards/recognition (funding, research, honor societies, leadership roles)
      • Future goals

    It is important that care be taken with grammar and spelling in your biography, as it is considered part of your submission in the review process.

    • Example:
      • Author: Connor Richards, Department of Physics and Astronomy
      • Connor Richards is a third year Physics major. He studies physics beyond the standard model at the Large Hadron Collider. With funding from the Goldwater Scholarship, University of California Regents’ Scholarship, UC LEADS Fellowship, and Chancellor’s Research Fellowship, he has participated in research and outreach at the European Council for Nuclear Research (CERN) for two years under the guidance of Dr. Owen Long. Currently Vice President of CNAS Science Ambassadors, Richards’ passions are research, science outreach, and STEM education. He plans to pursue a Ph.D. in High-Energy Physics and a faculty position.
  • Support Resources
Submitting Cover Art

The Journal Editorial Team invites original art submissions for the Journal cover.  Authors and non-authors are encouraged to submit images that represent their research and/or creative work.  Images will be selected on a competitive basis based on creativity and/or relevance to research, scholarly, or creative activity. The image must be an original, unpublished work that does not contain, incorporate, or otherwise use any content, material, or element that is owned by a third party or that violates a third party’s intellectual property rights, including but not limited to the law of copyright or trademarks.

  • Artwork Criteria
    • Submissions must be your own artwork.
    • Submissions must be unpublished (unless being used in the Journal).
    • No less than 300 dpi set at their required size in: Photoshop, InDesign, or high resolution PDF, CMYK color setup.
    • Preferred submission size is 8.75" x 11.25" (or scalable down to this size).
    • You are allowed to submit up to 3 images.
    • You must provide a description of no more than 80 words.
  • Judging of Cover Artwork Submissions

    Each entry will be judged by a panel consisting of the Faculty Editorial Board Chair, the Editor-In-Chief, the Associate Editors-In-Chief, and the Copy Editors.  The top 3-5 covers will be voted on by the entire Editorial Team, including the Faculty Advisory Board and the Student Editorial Board.  The winning design will be used on the cover of the Journal, which will also include a half-page about the winner and his or her work.  The winner will be recognized at the Journal Unveiling Ceremony.

    The judges reserve the right not to award the prize if no entry is deemed fitting. The judges’ decisions will be final and no correspondence will be had in relation to their decisions or the competition.

Additional Information
  • Faculty Advisory Board

    Dr. Morris Maduro, Biology; Faculty Advisory Board Chair
    Dr. Monica Carson, Biomedical Sciences
    Dr. Erica Heinrich, Biomedical Sciences
    Dr. Andrea Denny-Brown, English
    Dr. Vorris Nunley, English
    Dr. James Tobias, English
    Dr. Jonathan Eacott, History
    Dr. Wendy Saltzman, Biology
    Dr. William Grover, Bioengineering
    Dr. Xiaoping Hu, Bioengineering
    Dr. Joshua Morgan, Bioengineering
    Dr. Isgouhi Kaloshian, Nematology
    Dr. Matthew King, Religious Studies
    Dr. Leonard Mueller, Chemistry
    Dr. Catherine Larsen, Chemistry
    Dr. Ruoxue Yan, Chemical and Environmental Engineering
    Dr. John Briggs, University Writing Program
    Dr. Elizabeth Davis, Psychology
    Dr. Weiwei Zhang, Psychology

  • Student Editorial Board

    SEB Board Members gain hands on experience in the publication of the Journal.  They work closely with the Faculty Advisory Board members as well as several undergraduate researchers and their faculty mentors. Serving on an editorial board is a wonderful experience for students contemplating careers in research and creative scholarship.

    Students who are involved in faculty mentored research, scholarly or creative projects will be invited to submit their articles for the review by the Student Editorial Board, working with guidance from the Faculty Advisory Board.  

    Apply for the Student Editorial Board - Application Deadline, September 30

    Apply Here

  • Student Editorial Board Members
    • Editor-In-Chief: 
      • Ledia Nasr
      • Angelin Simon
    • Associate-Editor-In-Chief: 
      • Priya Iyer
      • Sekirou Shimono
    • Copy Editors
      • Nicole D'souza
      • Vanessa Hua
      • Katherine Morrisette
      • Kashish Rai
    • Members
      • Trusha Bhagwat
      • Matthew Dimaandal
      • Wesley Hur
      • Tara Keezhanjil
      • Hannah Kim
      • Bobbi Monae Mandour
      • Aurchana Manickavasagan
      • Nandini Mannem
      • Vishruth Nagam
      • Elliot Randolph
  • Past Journals

    The UCR Undergraduate Research Journal was first published in 2007. All current and past volumes of the Undergraduate Research Journal can be found in Special Collections in Rivera Library. Starting in 2018, all issues will be made available on Escholarship, the open-access publication source for the University of California. 

  • Other Campus Journals