Record Number of R'Courses Taught this Quarter!

This spring brought a plethora of students anxious to create and design their own R'Course. We had a record 18 student proposals accepted by the board during the winter. Along with several R'Course continuations, there are currently 18 courses being offered this spring. Due to the unusual circumstances we are all facing with the closure of the university due to Covid-19, several students decided they couldn't offer the type of course they wanted to in an online format. 

Classes being offered in an online format this spring include:

  • Societal Issues in Modern Music
  • Missing media item. Reciting the Quran
  • Drag Culture: The Performance Movement of the LGBTQ Community
  • Cultural and Societal Impact of the Iranian Revolution
  • Francisco Suarez: The First Modern Philosopher
  • From Comic Books to Films
  • Constructed Languages
  • Sikigahara: The Defining Battle of the Sengoku Era
  • A Technical and Nontechnical Introduction to Tableau
  • Sports Science
  • Responsibilities of Farming: Sustainable Farming Practices and Goals
  • Behind the Exhibits: Curation of Specimens in Natural History Collections
  • the Science of Skin and Hair
  • Facilitating Language Through Music
  • Structural Barriers and Determinants of Health in the Inland Empire
  • Humanitarian Medicine and Innovation
  • South Park: an Analysis of Identity within the Modern Zeitgeist
  • The History & Ethics of Aquatic Husbandry