2020 Undergraduate Research Symposium Goes Online

The Office of Student Engagement’s 2020 Research Symposium ended up quite differently than originally scheduled. This year’s symposium is the 14th held at UCR and the first to be 100% completely online due to campus closure. 163 undergraduate students videotaped their oral or poster presentations using an online platform. Student presentations were available for viewing by the public from May 18 – May 29th, with students, faculty, and staff at UCR providing feedback on such aspects as speaking clearly and effectively, use of visuals to aid understanding of the material, and the overall organization of the presentation. 

Students from CHASS, CNAS, BCOE, Business, and the School of Medicine presented on a wide variety of topics such as: ‘Incidence of Stress, Anxiety, and Depression in Medical Students at UCR School of Medicine’, ‘Social and Health Effects of DACA on College Students in Riverside, California’, ‘From locomotion to language: Developmental changes in infants’ everyday learning opportunities’, to ‘The U.S. Immigration Court System and the Illusion of Justice’.  

2020 Symposium

(Carina Camado, 'Latinx Parents Cultural Beliefs, Values, and Aspirations Regarding Preschoolers') 

In addition to student presentations, the Research Symposium offered a variety of professional development presentations from campus partners on topics such as: ‘Research Scholarship Opportunities: DAAD, Fulbright, and NSF GRFP’, ‘Funding your Graduate Studies’, ‘Leveraging your Research into the Job Search’, and ‘Getting Started in Research: First-Gen Students Share Their Story’. Videos for some of these presentations can be viewed on our UCR Student Engagement YouTube Channel.  For a full listing of all the students who presented and their topics, visit our Research Symposium page.

We are so grateful that our students were still able to adapt to the challenges at hand and present their research this year, albeit in a non-conventional way! 


First Gen Symposium Presentation

(L-R Hailey Levi, Dr. Thomas Dickson, Marco Bravo, and Tyler Smith - 'Getting Started in Research: First-Gen Students Share Their Story'