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Moderator Resources

Thank you for agreeing to serve as a Moderator for UCR's Undergraduate Research Symposium. As a Moderator please be sure that you have updated your Zoom account to the latest version, this LINK will guide you on how to update.  This update will enable you to select your assigned breakout room. 

    • Introduce each scholar and remind them to record their own presentation as they begin.
    • Encourage the audience to submit questions through the chat feature.
    • Remind the audience to be respectful during student presentations, or they will be removed.
    • Monitor questions from the Chat feature.
    • Monitor the presentation time. Alert the presenter as the presentation time is ending.
    • Facilitate the Q & A session.

    The following instructions will provide a guide to the structure of the presentations and your duties as a moderator. All student presenters will also be provided instructions. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact

    Moderator Zoom Instructions

    This category allows students to share their research topic, methodology, and expected/preliminary outcomes. Students in this category should be commended for their commitment to pursuing research despite the impacts of the pandemic. These students will be presenting preliminary work in progress.

    Student presentations are limited to 10-Minute presentations with 3-5 minutes for Q&A. Sessions may host up to 4 presentations.


    This category allows students to share their research topic, methodology, and results. Students in this category should be commended for their commitment and creativity in moving their research forward despite the impacts of the pandemic.

    Students are limited to a 15-minute presentation with 5 minutes for Q&A. Sessions may host up to 3 presentations.


    Scholars will present their work in sessions with one hour allocated for each session; presenters must be in their rooms 10-15 minutes prior to their scheduled session. Moderators must enter their assigned breakout room 15 minutes before the start of the session.

    symposium rename

    Please acquaint yourself with each student’s name and major for the TRACK you are moderating. You can rename yourself by selecting Participants, then hoover the mouse next to your name, you will see a button that says MORE, select then it will give you the option to rename.


    Please use the Symposium Virtual Background during your session and make your name and department visible on your screen.

    Instructions for downloading & adding a virtual background:

    1. Select the Virtual Background that represents the TRACK/COLLEGE you are moderating and save to your computer.
    2. Log into a ZOOM meeting, then select the up arrow next to the STOP VIDEO icon on the bottom left.
    3. Choose Virtual Background.
      symposium - zoom background
    4. Select Background & Filters
      symposium - background
    5. Select the + symbol - Add Image
    6. Find Image on your computer (might be in your Downloads folder)
    7. Select
    8. This will put the image behind you in your Zoom session.

    NOTE: When you use Virtual Background with Text, you will see it in reverse on your screen, so de-select the MIRROR MY VIDEO button found on the above picture.


    When you enter the Zoom Link provided for the session you are moderating you will be greeted by the Room Host. You can view the breakout rooms by selecting the MORE dots at the bottom of your zoom screen or the icon that says Breakout Rooms.  You will be pre-assigned to a breakout room, please look for your name on the list of Breakout rooms and select JOIN.

    Please join the session 15 minutes before your session starts. If you run into any issues in your breakout room, you can go back to the main session to ask the Room Host for assistance. 

    symposium breakout room

    To join the breakout room, hover your mouse over the Join and click.

    Please do not admit anyone to the room, the ROOM HOST will do that and ensure that guests go into the correct room.

    • Make introductions among the presenters and yourself.
    • Check that all presenters have been assigned Co-Host Role.
      • You can check this by:
        • 1) Selecting Participants (at the control panel on the bottom of your screen)
        • 2) You will see the list of attendees and their roles on the right hand side of your screen.  Hover your mouse over the More button and this will provide the option to change the person’s role to Co-Host. 
          symposium - co-host
      • Make sure that each student is able to share their screen.
    • Remind the students that they will be responsible for recording their own sessions, and verify that they all have the ability to RECORD their presentation. 
      • Students will only be recording their presentation, and not the Q&A that follows.
      • Once the full session is ended, students will be able to download their recorded presentation and save it in the Google Folder link they have been provided.
      • If anyone opts out of recording, they should let you know. 
      • If a student does not have the ability to record on their own, you may record for them.
    • Make sure each presenter has their presentation open and ready to share.
    • Confirm the order of presentations.
    • Remind students of the allotted time for their presentations.
      • (10-minutes for Emerging; 15-minutes for Completed) - Let them know you will be sending them a 1-minute warning through the Chat, so they will need to keep their eyes on the Chat.
    • Remind the presenters that they are expected to remain in the breakout room for the entirety of the session to observe the other presentations.
    • Presenters should keep their cameras on, and audio muted for the entire session (unless they are actively presenting).
    • Presenters may ask questions during Q&A for the other presentations and are encouraged to do so (especially if the audience doesn't have any).

    Pre-session instructions for the audience:

    • Guests will be admitted to the Zoom session 5 minutes before the start of each session, at which point they will begin filtering into each of the breakout rooms.
    • Once the session begins, please introduce yourself and explain the format of the session.
    • Encourage the audience to put their questions for each student presentation using chat, or they can unmute themselves at the end of the presentation if they wish.
    • Announce that the presentations will be recorded and made available through the end of May and may be found on the Symposium website.
    • Remind the audience to be respectful of the students during their presentations. Remove anyone being disrespectful or disruptive (they will not be allowed to re-enter your room).

    Running the sessions:

    • Introduce each scholar along with their major at the start of their presentation.
    • Remind each scholar to start recording their presentation. 
    • Please keep your eye on Chat to take note of these questions for the Q&A session.
    • If needed, please remind those speaking to unmute themselves and turn their cameras on.
    • Give the presenter a one-minute warning when they are reaching their allotted time.
    • If needed, remind the scholar to stop recording their presentation. 
    • 3-5 minutes for Q&A.
    • There will be a 1–2-minute transition between speakers to allow for introductions, and for presenters to start sharing their screens.

    If you encounter a problem with a disrespectful attendee, you may remove them from the session and they will not be allowed to re-enter. To remove a student, click on the Participants icon that shows the full list of participants in the room, then hover over the MORE button and click REMOVE.

    If you have more than one incident or don't feel comfortable continuing on, select the Security/Suspend Participant Activities. This will suspend ALL participant activities (mute, stop video, freeze chat).

    symposium - security

    You can then step out to the Main Room and ask the Room Host for assistance.


    “Welcome to the 2021 Undergraduate Research Symposium ‘TRACK X: COLLEGE’ session. My name is ‘YOUR NAME AND POSITION. We are excited to hear all the great work from our scholars. I will introduce each scholar and their major before their presentation. They will each give an X-minute talk and have up to X minutes for Q&A. Please feel free to type your questions in the chat feature, and I will ask them during the Q&A. Alternatively, you can save your question and ask it directly. We ask that the audience mute their audio and remain respectful during the full session. Speakers will unmute when it is their turn to present. Presenters, please stay in this breakout room until the session ends.”


    Begin by asking questions audience members asking using the Chat feature. If there are no questions, ask if someone would like to unmute themselves and ask a question directly. (Remind the presenters in the beginning instructions that they should be willing to ask questions of each other out of professional courtesy). If there are no questions from the audience or presenters, feel free to ask at least one to two questions. Q&A sessions should be limited to 5-minutes per presentation (especially important for full rooms!).

    Listed below are some suggested questions:

    • What aspect of this research did you enjoy the most?
    • What aspect of this research surprised you?
    • What was the most challenging part of your research?
    • Where do you see this work going in the future?
    • What is the practical application of your project?
    • Thank the presenters for sharing their research with us and remind the audience that videos will be available on the symposium website later. 
    • Thank the attendees for supporting our students.
    • Remind attendees that each presentation hour has a different zoom link to join they can go to SYMPOSIUM WEBSITE to find the link and register for their next session.

    Thank you very much for helping us support these talented researchers!

Evaluator Resources

Thank you for agreeing to serve as an Evaluator for the Undergraduate Education Research Symposium. If you are Evaluating oral presentations (Emerging Research/Creative Activities/Completed Research) please be sure that you have updated your Zoom account to the latest version, this LINK will guide you on how to update. This update will enable you to select your assigned breakout room. If you are evaluating in-person Poster Sessions zoom will not be used.

Overview of Evaluator Responsibilities

  • Attend the presentation sessions you sign-up to evaluate.
  • Your role is to evaluate the effectiveness of the presentations, not the depth of the research unless you have a background in that area. A goal of the presentations is to present the information in a manner that is engaging and understandable to people outside of the discipline.
  • Provide constructive feedback to each presenter.
  • If the audience does not engage in the Q&A, support the presenter by asking a question.
  • If you have signed up for multiple presentations you may wish to take notes and finalize your evaluation after you have seen all of your assigned sessions.
  • You can also evaluate each presentation as it is presented.
  • Your input will be used to determine the best presentations for each college.

Evaluation Rubrics

The evaluation rubrics are all electronic. Please log on to the links below to submit your evaluation: